Who Are We ?

The World Federation of the Church's Eucharistic Works is a Confederation of Lay Associations.




All associations of national or territorial character throughout the world, which have as an objective the Blessed Sacrament may become members of the Federation.


Each member of the Federation will be governed by his own Statutes or Regulations.


By joining the Federation, all its members are considered to be canonically attached VENERABLE BROTHERHOOD OF THE NOCTURNAL ADORATION SOCIETY OF THE CITY OF ROME enjoying in virtue of such admittance the benefits and privileges granted to say Brotherhood by His Holiness Saint Pious X, on the 8 th of August of 1906.


What do we want to do?


To foster, stimulate and propagate the cult of the Blessed Sacrament, in accordance with the orientations of the Church's Hierarchy.


To cultivate the sprit of brotherhood and mutual aid among all members, annually sending, all of them, an updated list of the associates and their respective head offices.


To collaborate with and support its members in negotiations aimed towards creating new Associations and always in accordance with the Church Authority of the corresponding territory.


To procure and manage through all possible means, and requesting the necessary help to do so, a permanently updated census of all types of Associations in the world which have the objective to foster and propagate the cult and/or adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.


What do we ask?


     That the members maintain the necessary contact with the directive Council, informing into their activities and, in their case, publications.


To present the Council Directive, periodically sending the changes that take place and to answer the forms that are put under to them.


To participate in personal form or representation in the sessions of the General Assembly and to carry out the positions for which they will be named and/or chosen.


To contribute, within its possibilities in the general expenses of the Federation whose aim is not, by all means, material but whose activities of spiritual character rest inevitably on tangible bases as all human activity.